6'6 Mollusc Robo
Winki Pop firing with 5 feet plus sets
Bells 2013 offered up some great surf in and out of the contest, Winki was at times very nice.

I managed to surf the slightly modified Mollusc Robo in good 3 to 5 feet waves at Winki Pop next door to Bells Beach.

The changes being a slightly pointier nose but with the same nose area, slightly less tail area and slightly thinner nose to the tip.
The idea behind the nose changes is to allow the Robo deeper duck dive potential and a touch more performance on the wave face.
Otherwise it is unchanged featuring single concave to vee bottom with double concave thru the vee.

The key to the Robo is the vee in the back half of the board allowing you to get the big Robo board from rail to rail with smooth flow.

The board pictured is 6'6 x  20 1/4 wide x 2 3/4 thick and 37.30 litres volume.
It went beautifully at Winki catching waves with good glide on ease, holding well off the bottom and feeling dynamic off the top or hitting the lip with authority.
It surprised me how nicely it surfed and would be a good all rounder for average and older good surfers on any surf trip. 

I used PG7 fins for the 3 to 5 feet day and for smaller surf would replace the back fin with a smaller G3 size fin to keep it loose.

Jesse Horner using the Mollusc for unconventional surfing -  photo Tom Lotter.
The new Mollusc has the same innovations/changes as Mollusc Robo pointier nose, slightly less tail area and thinner nose. Primarily to achieve a friskier feel.


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