Surfed the FD in great waves throughout Queensland in 2 to 5 feet point waves from Rainbow Bay and Greenmount to Nationals and Granite.

The board really started to excel with flat inside foil PG7 fins on board.This style of fin complimented the clean long walls allowing the FD to flow thru longer turns and then snap in the pocket when needed.
I rode it as a Thruster and this felt comfortable in crowded conditions where waves were hard to come by and you felt the pressure not to blow it after waiting your turn.

Shyama 5'10 FD quiver, the Square Tail
made in France with no vee at the tail,
the Roundtail also a Fusion/Face Dancer
prototype but with vee at the tail.

Face Dancer froth from Shyama Buttonshaw - I have been riding the FD a lot lately and it feels very good. 
As a quad it has more control thru top turns compared to the one without vee in the tail. 
For the last 2 weeks I have kept it as a 4 fin and it’s been really versatile. I have ridden it at Corsair a bunch of times and it feels amazing as a quad in barrels, there is a lot of momentum when you have your line set. 
The board as a Thruster was great at Winki, it has a lot of drive and hold when given a good Winki wall.


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