Most of you know I tore the hamstring off the bone same as Mick Fanning. Although I don't expect to come back and win 2 World Titles like Mick, I do expect to get back into surfing hopefully in as good condition as before.
The day before the hamstring injury, surfing in the legends heat at the Quiksilver Pro Snapper Rocks.

Boarding the flight home from Gold Coast to Sydney.                            Waiting in hospital.

David Wood was the surgeon from the Mater Hospital in North Sydney who performed the operation which is I guess pretty complex but done in 1 day, in in the morning and back home later in the day. The recovery however is slow, taking 6 months before you can expect to be back in the water.
I'm 10 weeks out from the operation progressing well I guess and working on rehab, physio, some swimming, a bit of walking, chiropractic and will be still water stand up paddling soon. I have been designing some rehabilitation boards and am looking forward to making them and starting to surf again.


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