To Mrs Peterson, Dot and Tommy deepest sympathies at the passing of your son and brother.

Your dedication to Michael in his later years has been a wonderful thing.
Mick will of course be remembered forever in Australian surfing.He was arguably the greatest Australian surfer of all time dominating contests in Australia for most of the 1970's.

I was fortunate enough to compete against Mick during this period and was privileged to see a lot of his ground breaking performances in the surf and glimpse some of his state of the art shapes taking surfing and boards to the next couple of levels.
You could also argue that Michael was the greatest surfer, shaper designer of all time anywhere.

His contribution to surfing and influence on surfing and board design, pushing it to previously unknown levels can only be compared to Kelly Slater.

Michael's hero was Nat Young, he wanted to surf like Nat, he did that for sure and will always be held in the highest esteem in the lofty halls of surfing freaks.
Mick you touched surfing with your magic and surfing is forever better for it.

Image by Frank Pithers - Mike flying on his way to winning '73 Bells.


bryn said...

Nice words Simon.

Sorry to hear about your injury and take care


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