Thruster tribute booth

Scott Bass, Sacred Craft Founder

Trav - WOW

Replica Shapes by Shaping Icons - Pat Rawson, Brian Buckley, Larry Mabile, Matt Biolos and Jason Bennett .

In honoring the 30th year of the Thruster design Sacred Craft organised a shaping contest where these top US shapers shaped from scratch my 6'6 81 Bells Beach semi gun board. They had 1½ hours to shape it from scratch using a power planer and hand tools. After viewing the board for a ½ hour they each had a turn at reproducing this board. It is a difficult task, I have tried copying this board many times in my own shaping bay and have struggled.

The 5 shapers had to work in virtually an open bay to allow spectator viewing. This caused unwanted light streaming in taking away crucial shadows that guide you through, normally showing up tucked under edges, deck lines and all other elements in the shape. Matt Biolos seemed to cope the best by continually taking the shape outside the bay to allow a fresh perspective. His interpretation was clearly the best and was duly awarded the championship.

Good work to all the guy's, it was an interesting exercise I think bringing to the publics attention the skill required to full shape surfboards.


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